As she gathered herself up , her eyes got adjusted to the darkness . She tried to figure out where she was.. For this place was pitch black.. not a speck of light or sound or any movement for that matter.. She had a whooping feeling of being suspended in vacuum.. this thought terrified her ; she blinked a few times,moistened her dry lips and took a few steps ahead.

Almost at once ,ropes sprung up from the ground and bound her tightly , cutting through her skin , squeezing her breath out;

the smell of blood made her dizzy and she fought the sleepy sensation..

As the oxygen to her brain was cutting down rapidly , she was on the verge of collapsing.. She waved her arms about , wriggling ferociously against her restraints.. She used her mouth to get the swiss pen-knife out of her breast pocket .. 

As soon as she worked against her restraints , the scene shifted and she toppled onto the floor .. her restraints had vanished and she was lying face down in mud , her mouth full of earth.

She feverishly got up on her feet and looked around .. She was in a huge empty stadium ..  she felt rather small and tried to make her way out. It was then that she spotted a full-length mirror tacked up on the place where there should have been the goal post.. Curious, she hustled forward to check the misplaced thing.. 

She looked in the mirror and in the next second she was running .. running like the world was on fire …like she was on fire.. 

As she ran , her brain and legs working furiously .. the image of what she saw in the mirror flashed in her brain and she regained her pace.. she was running away from the bitter truth .. all the time.. right from the start.. she had been running. everything started to make sense now..

As the monstrosity of it all began to seep in , realization dawned like sparkling cyanide.. she was running with her eyes Literally shut! She was now aware of this fact and hadn’t opened them yet.. She abruptly stopped and listened to her racing heartbeat , letting her senses work.. A  cold breeze washed over her , as if washing away the wounds , the burns and the hurt .. as understanding struck her full in the face .. a serene stillness and calm swept over her as her heart was filled with warmth steadying her heartbeat..

It was one of the moments she was craving to hide away from and furiously inquisitive to know the science behind it at the same time. Her eyelids fluttered open.

 She was surrounded by blinding white light .. She over-powered her senses with great will . Now she knew , she wasn’t running away from the darkness and the mirror all the time.. she was running towards it.

But the minute she had stopped, the darkness had given way to divinity as she had let herself be helped by what she thought was the fear of the unforeseen. She turned back towards the mirror and saw NOTHING. There was no reflection.She had achieved the supreme by her one act of resisting the fear.

The point where there was maximum danger was the point where there was minimum fear.

“Each one of us is a dark mystery , a maze of conflicting passion and desire.”

“Like the undaunting blue madness of life”

She rolled over and fell. The wall clock read 6:30 am. It was yet another normal day. That is to say after her journey from serendipity to serenity.


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